July 21, 2019

American Journal of Oil and Chemical Technologies

American Journal of Oil and Chemical Technologies  Index Copernicus Value 2012:  7.03 ISSN (Print Version): 2326-6570 ISSN (Online Version): 2326-6589 DOI Prefix: 10.14266/ajoct Frequency: Quarterly Editor in Chief:  Dr. Edward A. Evans University of Akron   Associate Editor:  Professor Behrooz Roozbehani, Petroleum University of Technology Rice University Journal Archives and Latest Published Articles To enhance further the frontiers of science and technology, American Journal of oil and Chemical Technology (AJOCT) goes to press and online. The mission of this set of publications is to create a closer bond between academicals and industrial communities in oil and gas and petrochemical companies. This is…

SO2 Capturing Process

Experimental Reduction of Sulfur Dioxide to an Environmental Fair Concentration through an Amine Based Solvent The study was done to selectively absorb SO2 using a pilot scale type. The pilot was designed and constructed in the Petrotex Research Center . In the experiments, using the selective amine based absorber; an efficiency of 99 percent was achieved. Many experiments were done on the pilot among which this paper discusses the optimum conditions for SO2 absorption using Taguchi experimental design method. It is also worth noting that the inlet flue gas from which SO2 was absorbed was the mixture gained from the…

Petrotex Environmentally Friendly Microbiology Research

Application of biosurfactants in raising oil recovery is one of important methods of recovering a substantial amount of leaving oil.  Increasing biosurfactant increases the potential of oil separated such that adding these bio surfactants had all important parts in oil environmental separation compared to chemical surfactants. Petrotex has focused on the microbiology research based experiments in some areas and stablished scientific projects for universities and industrial companies all over the world. Petrotex has assessed a strategy for applications of bio surfactants included their production continuously in cultur media and their addition to polluted regions of Gulfs crude oil contaminations.