February 24, 2020

SO2 Capturing Process

Experimental Reduction of Sulfur Dioxide to an Environmental Fair Concentration through an Amine Based Solvent

The study was done to selectively absorb SO2 using a pilot scale type. The pilot was designed and constructed in the Petrotex Research Center . In the experiments, using the selective amine based absorber; an efficiency of 99 percent was achieved. Many experiments were done on the pilot among which this paper discusses the optimum conditions for SO2 absorption using Taguchi experimental design method. It is also worth noting that the inlet flue gas from which SO2 was absorbed was the mixture gained from the stacks of Catalytic Cracking Unit of Abadan Oil Refinery with similar concentrations. As a result, the absorber can be used efficiently in oil and gas industry.

The pilot plant that was used for experiments in this study was designed and constructed in the Petrotex Research Center with an investment of about 40,000 dollars in a period of one year. The studies were done during four years to obtain and work on the selective and regenerative amine based absorber that can absorb sulfur dioxide with an efficiency of near 100 percent. The absorber, being regenerative, can be entirely revived at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius and therefore the method is economical. The pilot has proved to be applicable in industrial scale based on the comparisons that were done with big industry mixtures. Many experiments were carried out on the pilot.

Research Innovation

Various technologies have been developed worldwide depending on the operational conditions and are currently used in different industries. Most of these processes cannot be reversed. Several problems have been encountered from economical point of view due to high consumption rate of SO2 and combination of SO2 with used absorbent.

These methods, in spite of regenerating the absorber and reduction of byproducts, simultaneously absorb CO2 and SO2. High amounts of absorber are therefore required. This results in complexity of the process and facilities.  The process developed in this research is simple and due to absorption process that absorbs SO2 selectively, excluding CO2, the amount of required absorber is relatively low. In addition, simple typical equipments are used for construction of the plant….

This study is focused on reduction of sulfur dioxide gas with a selective amino compound solvent. Conducting the experiments on the pilot plant in the Research Center, the obtained data are discussed in the article. AIT500 is economical, regenerative and stable. The efficiency of the absorber is proved to be applicable and economical in the industry. Due to relative simplicity of the process and possibility of producing the exclusive absorbent in large amounts and also the type of the equipments used in construction of the pilot, the construction of the pilot plant in industrial scale is accessible with low costs. It is illustrated that the results of this research are completely practicable in all industries that use combustion heaters.

AIT500 has proved to be a strong solvent; it has brought innovations as SO2 absorber in this research. The amine that was used is a selective absorber that absorbs SO2 selectively. CO2 gas, a competitor contamination with SO2 in flue gases, does not interfere with the absorption process.  In the process, SO2 is eliminated at ppm levels, while CO2 remains untouched. Another important feature of AIT500 is that its flow rates as well as concentration in the process are lower than the usual absorbers while the performance is the same, if not better. It needs not to be pure or anhydrous and in industrial scale performs perfectly up to the highest conventional environmental standards. The cost of applied amine (1 dollar a kilograms) is lower than the amine absorbers used in conventional processes (2.2 dollars a kilograms). The production of SO3 during the process results in dilute salt solutions in the process.

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