February 24, 2020

Conference Indexing

indexingPetrotex Society is indexing local and international conferences. The committee members choose best research papers from scientific meetings that focus on energy, environmental issues and chemical engineering fields. Conference organizers can publish their meeting events, papers, reports and interviews in Petrotex Society journals. Read More

Dr. Edward Evans, the editor in chief of American Journal of Oil and Chemical Technologies, invites all scientists and researchers in the field of chemical engineering and energy to publish their papers, awards, and institutional events via Petrotex.

The committee members of Journal of Environmentally Friendly processes also decided that the five top articles of each international conference all over the world would be published free of charge, if it is under journal scope. In addition, the society manager, Professor Roozbehani, announced the best authors would have a chance to participate in Petrotex society meeting in 2014 in Houston, Texas.

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