February 28, 2020

Engineering, Assembly, Integration of Processes

We are an established authority in the design, engineering, assembly, integration and testing of process control systems. Services include: 1.Studies 2. Conceptual engineering (Front End Engineering Design) 3.Design and assembly 4.Engineering, procurement and construction 5.Integration, inspection and testing 6.Commissioning and start-up support 7.Maintenance and upgrade 8.Project management

Engineering, Assembly, Integration of Processes

Technical Support Services (TSS):

Through our TSS business we offer a range of services for capital projects from front end and engineering to completions and commissioning.
We also offer asset enhancement services including brown field engineering, maintenance, shutdowns and turnarounds and operations support.

Project Management consultancy (PMC):

–       We have the capability of delivering complex project solutions to clients across the world. We work in partnership with our clients, ensuring that through our commitment to continuous improvement and the highest level of customer care, we add maximum value on every challenge or assignment and exceed our client’s expectations. We can work alongside or fully integrate with the client’s team to identify the key challenges, then develop and execute effective project management plans.

–       Implementation strategies are supported by proven processes and systems to deliver on safety, schedule and cost. Our own Integrated Management Systems interface with all known client programmes to manage costs, procurement, document handover and completions. Our total service offering incorporates all aspects of project and programme management, management consultancy and construction economics.

–       We can supply a variety of skilled project management personnel to support clients across a variety of disciplines for the different phases of a project or shutdown including engineering, planning, construction, shutdown, commissioning and operational support.

Completion and Commissioning:

–       We specialize in the provision of commissioning and start-up services in conjunction with, or independent of, project construction activities. Our workforce has extensive experience in the commissioning and start-up of large and often complex plant facilities in remote locations. Our experienced personnel have access to international engineering tools and have established extensive procedures that guarantee the complete and accurate transition between all phases of a project.

–       The methodology of these procedures can be applied to any project of any size, and it allows for the management to define the project activities so that they can be tracked, monitored and reported throughout the different stages. This ensures a successful transition from construction through to start-up, ending with a prompt completion. Many clients prefer to have commissioning service agreements in place to enable our commissioning teams to mobilize quickly with a good understanding of the required policies and procedures for their job.

–       Our services include commissioning preparation, commissioning, completions and startup and operations.

General Support Services:

The General Support Services division of Petrotex provides assistance to our clients by meeting their requirements for technical personnel. We have the flexibility and ability to supply clients with required resources for their operations to work under their guidance.

We are well positioned to provide our clients with quality people on a fast track basis.

Our objective is to assist with qualified, experienced and quality personnel in a timely and efficient manner.

Engineering, Assembly, Integration of Processes