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ENI Award Candidature

mojtaba mirdrikvand research awardWe are proud that Mr. Mojtaba Mirdrikvand, an editor of Journal of Environmentally Friendly Processes has now been selected as a candidate for ENI Awards in Environment and Energy Field. His research area is about environmental focuses including urban pollutants, global warming, and waste plastic management. His recent publications are: Read More

  • Hossein Mehrara, Behrooz Roozbehani, Mohammad Reza Shishehsaz, Mojtaba Mirdrikvand, Saeedeh Imani Moqadam; Using Taguchi Method to Determine Optimum Process Conditions for Flue Gas Desulfurization through an Amine Scrubber. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, Springer,
  • Behrooz Roozbehani, Saeedeh Imani Moqadam, Mojtaba Mirdrikvand, Ali Cheshmeh Roshan; Modeling Direct Ethylene Hydration over Zirconium Tungsten Catalyst; Energy and Environment Research, Canadian Center of Science and Education;Vol.1, No.3 August, 2012, ISSN 1927-0569. Available at:
  • Nader Nabhani, Mojtaba Mirdrikvand, Saeedeh Imani Moqadam, Amirali Rezazadeh, Seyed Alireza Sakaki;Monitoring Greenhouse Gases and their Pollutions in Sarakhs Region Influenced by the Sourest Natural Gas Resource in the Middle East; Environment and Pollution Journal, Canadian Center of Science;Vol 2, No 1 (2013)ISSN 1927-0909. Available at:
  • Mojtaba Mirdrikvand, Saeedeh Imani Moqadam, Anis Khalifeh; Effect of Pseudomonas Bacteria Biosurfactant on Oil Water Contamination: Optimized Conditions of Effective Parameters; Vol 1, Issue 5, 2013. ISSN 2326-6570

The ENI Award is a prize awarded by the Italian oil and gas company ENI with the aim of encouraging better use of energy sources and increased environmental research. The strict award guidelines and the notable names on the selection committee (including Nobel laureates) make ENI a coveted award.

Some websites and magazines have called the ENI award the “Nobel prize of energy research”.The scientific committee of the ENI award includes representatives from Stanford University, MIT, Cambridge, University of Stuttgart, Florida State University, University of Pisa, University of Texas at Austin, and others. The annual ENI award was officially launched in July 2007, foreseen by the group’s Technological Master Plan. The ENI award extends and replaces the Eni-Italgas Prize, previously known as the Italgas Prize, which in 2006 had reached its XIX edition.