October 21, 2019

Important Dates

Important Dates


Note: Due to high volume of submitted papers and the number of petrotex society’s conference contributors, submission system only will be open for those who want to submit their papers to the webinar section of  the conference. if you have further questions about the meeting, contact us at:

info@petrotex.us or editor@petrotex.us

Early  Submission Date:

  •          Submission of papers : 14.04.2014    /
  •          webinar submission: 15.07.2014
  •          Notification of acceptance : 15.06.2014
  •          Submission of camera-ready copy: 15.07.2014

Extended  Submission Date: 

  •          Submission of papers: 15.06.2014
  •          Notification of acceptance: 29.07.2014
  •          Submission of camera-ready copy: 10.08.2014

Please submit the electronic version of your  paper here. If you had any problems with the system please do not hesitate to contact us at info@petrotex.us

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