February 24, 2020

International Conference on Engineering Science and Chemical Technologies,Houston,Texas

mopInternational Conference on Engineering Science and Chemical Technologies will be held in Houston, Texas, 8 – 10 Sep. 2014. ICESCT will bring together innovative academic and industrial experts in the fields of engineering, chemistry, and material science, as well as those who do research in related fields of technology. The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and development activities in engineering and chemical technologies.

 Another goal is to enhance scientific information in the hands of researchers, engineers, students, and practitioners working in the United States and abroad. This international engineering conference will be held every year in order to create an ideal platform for people to share ideas, theories, and experiences in engineering.

We invite leading researchers to present the latest results of their research covering various aspects and properties of chemical technologies in different fields.

The scientific program will feature organized and by-invitation-only talks, together with oral and poster presentations for conference participants.

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A little about us:

Petrotex, a research company in Houston, Texas focuses on environmentally friendly activities in science and engineering fields. Our major enterprises compass on chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries. Using latest, efficient and competitive techniques, we believe, we are competing with top ten companies in the world.In one of our latest, we designed, manufactured and constructed a pilot plants to demonstrate our leading technology in stripping and scrubbing nuisance agents off of fumes, off gases and industrial plant exhausts.

Our vision:

To be the leading global provider of specialty solutions that bring value to our clients for complex, challenging projects in oil & gas industry.

Our Mission:

To safely and consistently deliver specialized solutions to the challenging projects of energy and resource clients as the world’s most agile and responsive organization.

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