February 28, 2020

New Book Publishing Process in Petrotex Society

Being under supervision of United States Congress Library, we are honored to present our outstanding book publishing services. Petrotex Society is working on publishing books in the fields of chemical engineering, energy and environmental issues. Currently, a book entitled as “Environmental Rescue: SO2 and CO2 Reduction” is under editing and preliminary revision.

Petrotex publication group is pleased to inform authors in the engineering fields that it now has the accessibility of receiving ISBN for your publishing books.

In Article Village branch of our society, we join the authors to publish and standardize books in order to publish them. Our team of experts checks on each detail of your creative scientific product to remove all possible flaws and make your book an eternal masterpiece.

All steps from editing and design to getting ISBN, publishing and printing will be done by our experienced experts in Houston, TX, U.S.