February 24, 2020

New Language Services in Article Village

Article village is being developed by adding new language services. Persian, Urdu, and Turkish are the new added services to our previous language translations. After receiving your paper or thesis, if not in English, we translate it from your local language to English. If it is in English, we edit it based on journal standards.

After checking the paper thoroughly both for fluency and adequacy of information, our editing committee checks to correct grammatical and alphabetical points. Eventually, you will have your paper ready to be published in any accredited journal! We can even introduce you the best available journals based on your scope of research. The whole process mentioned above takes about two weeks until your paper is ready. Remember that all these procedure will be only 50 USD per page!

This is how we have made it possible for researchers to gather and develop their ideas, theories and experiment results in scientific papers. The whole available languages are now as the following:

Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Persian, Urdu and Turkish.

A little about us:

Petrotex, a research company in Houston, Texas focuses on environmentally friendly activities in science and engineering fields. Our major enterprises compass on chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries. Using latest, efficient and competitive techniques, we believe, we are competing with top ten companies in the world.In one of our latest, we designed, manufactured and constructed a pilot plants to demonstrate our leading technology in stripping and scrubbing nuisance agents off of fumes, off gases and industrial plant exhausts.

Our vision:

To be the leading global provider of specialty solutions that bring value to our clients for complex, challenging projects in oil & gas industry.

Our Mission:

To safely and consistently deliver specialized solutions to the challenging projects of energy and resource clients as the world’s most agile and responsive organization.

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