February 17, 2020

Petrotex Society

Petrotex Publication Group is currently trying to extend its cooperation with celebrated scientific institutes and universities. We are planning to have interacting links between Petrotex Society and your institution in order to publish novel technologies, methods, inventions, and research papers in our journals and also on the website. Our society  lets the engineering world realize and be aware of the news, reports, and researches in your institution via sending them to us. These reports may include:

  • Report of new inventions and developments in your institution
  • Research manuscripts from students, professors or industrial experts
  • Advertisements regarding your institutions
  • Requested interviews with specific people in your institute
  • News of the important events like faculty funding awards in your institution and state

In addition, we can cooperate with you in order to hold training courses under supervision of Petrotex Company with valid certificates, which is known as a research and industrial organization worldwide.
We hope that we can develop the society of Petrotex in fields of engineering, energy, oil, environment and chemical technologies soon through your kind help and cooperation.
We are looking forward to receiving scientific and research manuscripts and reports from your students or colleagues under your professional supervision.