February 28, 2020

Petrotex Library Website

Petrotex Library has been established to enhance Petrotex Journals Archiving Systems. Authors are now able to view all of the papers they have published in Petrotex via the new archiving system. This will be along with a biography and picture of the authors. That’s why we invite Petrotex members to send us their information and background. Read More

In Petrotex Library, all the journals having scopes related to “energy, environment, and chemical engineering” will be indexed. Journal publishers are invited to submit their application forms to Petrotex Library. Each Journal will have a separate profile in order to publish the latest news and issues online in Petrotex Library.

Note: Petrotex Journal Database is only accessible for Petrotex Society Members. The membership form is available at: http://articlevillage.org/wishlist-member/?reg=1379016050

Petrotex Library is going to be a full directory of engineering journals relating to above fields. It is designed to help authors, researchers and engineers find the best source for information. They will also have a chance to send us their paper title and abstract and we will introduce them the best journals where they can publish it.