February 28, 2020

Petrotex Visa Card Award for 50 Best Presentations in the Webinar

Petrotex conference committee has decided to award the best 50 presentations in International Conference on Engineering Science and Chemical Technologies webinar. The webinar participants whose papers are accepted may present their works via slide presentations sent to us prior to deadlines. 

ICESCT conference will be held on September 8th in Texas, U.S. All webinar papers will be available in conference proceeding and Petrotex library while being indexed and published in Petrotex journals. The webinar authors will receive certificate of conference along with all other conference materials via postal mail.

All researchers, professors, and students are invited to send their papers for ICESCT webinar relating to the following topics:

• Modern technologies of chemical  engineering
• Petroleum and gas exploration
• Environmental friendly processes
• Gas  separation and  purification
• Process  design and development
• Reaction engineering
• Nanotechnology in petroleum industry
• Novel flow plans for refineries
• Sustainable Environment Development

• Air Pollution and Climate Change Interactions
• Environmental Analyses and Monitoring
• Environmental Economics & Politics
• Environmental Management, Policy & Planning
• Environmental Microbiology
• Management of Resources
• Renewable Resources
• Resource Extraction and Waste Generation
• Soil and Water Resources