February 28, 2020

Procurement Services to Global Business Units

Petrotex aims to provide world class, ethical procurement services to our Global Business Units (Specialist EPC, Construction and Technical Support Services) and our clients, within the required budget, schedule and quality parameters. Petrotex worldwide procurement services adhere to and promote our strongly held values of Safety, Teamwork and Reputation and we continuously strive to be the best in field global provider of a complete procurement service. Petrotex’s procurement group has teams based in all our major regions of operation…

Petrotex’s procurement team is accountable to the Petrotex Global Business Units to ensure that the supply chain operates effectively and efficiently with the right goods and services being delivered to the right place (globally), at the right time and at competitive prices. In addition to developing and executing sourcing strategies for goods and services, the team is responsible for managing all Petrotex’s supplier relationships.

The procurement team maintains vendor and materials data, creates purchase orders for goods, services and construction related plant and equipment assets, expedites deliveries where required and seeks to achieve high levels of automation through its customized systems based processes. Finally, the team manages the inbound freight, warehousing and inventory management processes on behalf of the global business units through optimized logistics processes.