February 28, 2020

Project Life Cycle, Controls and automation

Petrotex understands the concepts of changing priorities and goals throughout the project life cycle and is well structured to deal with these.

Our integrated approach is successful because we have an established network of in-house engineering, procurement and fabrication resources. With locations worldwide, we have people who understand the political and regulatory issues of the communities within which we work and who can quickly find solutions. Our international procurement offices identify qualified suppliers, and inspect their products and materials to ensure prompt delivery of products to the job site.

Petrotex Controls and Automation Solutions group is focused on delivering first-class services in industrial control systems, plant automation and information technology; that require application knowledge and technical expertise for design, implementation, integration, installation and support. In doing so, the controls and automation solutions group emphatically adopts and adheres to our health, safety, and environment and quality standards…

Productivity today has become a global race with the drive for real-time operations and services reshaping business and industry. The fundamental purpose of automation is to improve productivity through innovation and technology and it is important to have an automation solution provider such as the Petrotex Group, which is committed to continuous innovation and evolving technology, to provide quality controls and automation solutions. Our success is achieved by providing professional services of the highest quality, on schedule and within budget, and by recognizing the need to maintain strict compliance with our clients’ requirements.

Controls and automation is a revolutionary system approach to comprehensive business management that allows management of process knowledge through a combination of advanced technologies.

We provide a wide range of control and automation services across all business sectors. Our controls and automation team is a leading specialist in the area of ‘grass root’ plants, plant modernization and upgrade.