February 17, 2020



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Registration Fee


Payment Instructions:

1. PayPal   (to account: pay@petrotex.us )

How to use Paypal to make payment to us.
1) Open the website of Paypal : http://www.paypal.com/
2) Select your country
3) Create an account with your email address
4) Add your credit card or debit card to your paypal account
5) Identify your card (optional)
6) Login into Paypal and press send money then select personal payments and
select payment owed to make your payment to our paypal account: http://www.petrotex.us:2095/3rdparty/squirrelmail/src/compose.php?send_to=pay%40petrotex.us

2. Bank Transfer:

Beneficiary Bank Name: Wells Fargo, USA
Beneficiary Account Name: PETROTEX
Account Number:  1787961042

3. Paying via credit card

Note: if it is a wire transfer, you need to ask your own bank about the bank processing charge for the bank transfer process as a whole. All transfer or exchange fees shall be paid by the sender.  Please provide a receipt of your payment and send it back to us at: info@petrotex.us. Please sign and mention your name and registration number on the receipt prior to sending it. You can also mail the receipt to us at: 16015 Leigh Canyon Drive, Friendswood, Texas, United States.