February 28, 2020

Thomson Reuters Evaluation for Impact Factor

Petrotex Publication Group is joining to Thomson Reuters. This is to announce that American Journal of Oil and Chemical Technologies is now being evaluated in Thomson Reuter’s evaluation committee.  Thomson Reuters is an organization where ISI impact factors are assigned to journals every year. Thomson Reuters delivers the largest and only true citation index. 

A little about Thomson Reuters: 

Whether looking at data, books, journals, proceedings or patents Web of Knowledge provides a single destination to access the most reliable, integrated, multidisciplinary research. Quality, curated content delivered alongside information on emerging trends, subject specific content and analysis tools make it easy for students, faculty, researchers, analysts, and program managers to pinpoint the most relevant research to inform their work. Link

American Journal of Oil and Chemical Technologies: 

To enhance further the frontiers of science and technology, American Journal of oil and Chemical Technology (AJOCT) goes to press and online. The mission of this set of publications is to create a closer bond between academicals and industrial communities in oil and gas and petrochemical companies. This is made possible through an easy online access with highest quality features of search engine and opinion and feedback for both editors and publishers. We even offer editorial services options for those to enjoy our superior editing teams.

 All the effort furnished here at AJOCT to bring the latest understanding of research initiatives and all industries in upstream to downstream under a single umbrella. This will hopefully establish an overall harmony to encourage us all for thriving globally in an environmentally safer and greener operation. The journal includes timely manuscripts in below fields of petroleum and chemical engineering:

  • Modern technologies  of  petroleum  and chemical  engineering and  thermal sciences;
  • Petroleum and gas exploration;
  • Environmental friendly processes;
  • Gas  separation and  purification;
  • Process  design and development;
  • Reaction engineering;
  • Microbiological oil degradation;
  • Nanotechnology in petroleum industry;
  • Novel flow plans for refineries.