February 24, 2020

Win a Ticket to 2014 Petrotex Conference in Houston!

Petrotex Conference in Houston!Authors of Petrotex journals in the first year will receive 50 percent discount for our annual meeting in 2014. The conferences are going to be held every year in Houston, TX, U.S.A. Academic and industrial experts will be invited from all over the world. In addition, participants of the conference will be invited to submit an enhanced version of their manuscript for possible publication in one of the journals edited by Petrotex Publication Group. Win a Ticket to 2014 Petrotex Conference in Houston! So you can submit a paper to a journal now and win a ticket for conference in the next year. The conferences will be the best place for a scientific communication among professors, industrial specialist, students, and all people who are involved in the fields.

Current available journals for which you can submit your papers are:

  • American Journal of Oil and Chemical Technologies
  • Journal of Environmentally Friendly Processes
  • American Engineering Letters

Please feel free to contact us if you need further information at: editor@petrotex.us


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Win a Ticket to 2014 Petrotex Conference in Houston